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COVID 19 Treatment Options

The COVID 19 pandemic turned healthcare upside down. Primary care appointments were canceled by doctors’ offices during the pandemic. Consequently, patients were restricted from seeing the doctor during one the most critical times that trusted healthcare was needed. There are many ways to treat COVID at home, but you may still need medical treatment.

At RISE Direct Primary Care, we value our patients’ right to healthcare. We are treating COVID 19 patients in our office. The following vitamins and medical treatment options have proven to be effective for the prevention and treatment of COVID 19. The RISE blog provides helpful information for treating COVID. Therefore the information in this blog is NOT intended to diagnose, treat or cure COVID 19. Seek medical care immediately if you are having trouble breathing.

Vitamin C Builds the Immune System

Eating fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C is vital for immune system cell function. There has been a lot of research on the benefits of vitamin C. Therefore, it may help overcome viral illnesses. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and may prevent damage at the cellular level.

What is the best way to build your immune system with Vitamin C? There are many fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally high in vitamin C. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables raw is the best way to enhance your vitamin intake. Yellow peppers may be one of the best resources of a natural form of vitamin C. Although, if peppers are not your thing, you can never go wrong resorting to the fruits and veggies you love the most.

Supplemental Oxygen for COVID 19

The SARS CoV2 virus has a tendency to attack lung cells and can damage the exchange of oxygen in the lungs. Keeping a good eye on your oxygen saturation is important when you are suffering from COVID . To check your oxygen saturation levels you will need a pulse oximeter. Pulse oximeter’s are easy to use. With that said, they are easy to buy at your local pharmacy.

A pulse oximeter is something that every household should have in their medicine supplies. Watch this video to learn how to check your saturations with a pulse oximetry. Some medical sources consider oxygen saturations low if they are below 95%. It is important to know when emergency medical help is necessary. If your oxygen falls below 91% you may need supplemental oxygen and should seek medical attention immediately.

Fight Infection with Vitamin D

Many people are low or deficient in Vitamin D. Most people supplement with a vitamin D3/K2 supplement purchased over the counter at health food stores or online. Also, eating foods high in vitamin D may help as well. Low vitamin D levels reduce the immune system’s ability to fight infection. The only real way to know what your vitamin D levels are is through a simple, low cost blood test. Your doctor can order this blood test! Your blood test results will help your doctor know the best course of treatment and supplementation for your situation. Give your body the best chance to fight COVID and supplement according to your doctors recommendations.

Taking Inhaled Steroids When Needed COVID

Treatment for COVID 19 is not always a one-size-fits-all approach. Generally speaking, COVID normally causes cold and flu-like symptoms, however, some patients require hospitalization. Studies have shown that inhaled steroids may prevent hospitalizations and may also reduce the chance of needing a ventilator with COVID19.  Inhaled Steroids require a prescription and a discussion with your doctor or primary care provider.  Steroids are not right for everyone, but may be an important choice for some patients.

Fight COVID with Magnesium and Zinc

Dietary Interventions through Magnesium and Zinc are critical for fighting viral infections. Zinc may reduce symptoms of COVID 19 and other viruses as well. Both Magnesium and Zinc are minerals that require good dietary intake to maintain the immune system and other functions in the body.

This list is not comprehensive of every aspect of COVID19 treatment or prevention. The supplement and treatment options listed were evaluated over the last two and a half years and the analysis of the data is significant. There are NO guarantees in life or in treatment of COVID19, but it is encouraged to discuss your diagnosis of COVID19 with your doctor today.

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