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RISE Direct Primary Care is the future for primary healthcare services in Casper, Wyoming offering holistic treatment and modern medicine leading you to better health.

Experience honest and trustworthy direct primary care today.

Affordable Pricing

Unlimited Visits

Individualized Healthcare Plans

Are you frustrated by a healthcare system that does not always listen to your healthcare needs?

You have probably experienced the same healthcare hassles we have.

  • Unexpected and expensive out of pocket costs
  • It takes weeks to get an appointment with your provider
  • You did not get enough time to discuss your healthcare concerns
  • Urgent care wait times are too long
  • Navigating insurance is frustrating

We believe every patient deserves affordable and personalized healthcare.

Our patients come first

We understand how frustrating it is to feel rushed and limited as a patient who needs quality healthcare services. As a healthcare provider I have been just as frustrated as you by the same obstacles you face in dealing with the healthcare system.

“For over 15 years I served my patients through a broken healthcare system that limited my time and resources with my patients. After realizing healthcare does not have to be this way, I made the decision to put my patients first. I left a familiar version of healthcare and opened RISE Direct Primary Care.  I knew this was the best way to provide patient care and value their rights and healthcare choices.” Leading you to better health – Dr. Nathan Ker, DO

3 steps to personalized healthcare and convenient access

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RISE to better health

Our promise to you

Affordable Healthcare

NO hidden fees, NO per call fee, NO confusion.

Trustworthy Medical Professionals

Dr. Ker is a Board Certified Family Physician with nearly 20 years of experience.

Convenient Scheduling

Same day or next day appointments available.

Direct Access

Contact your doctor directly any time of day.

No Insurance Needed

No co-pays. NO deductibles. Straightforward pricing with NO billing surprises.

The Future of Healthcare

The covid pandemic turned healthcare on its head. Because of the Pandemic, primary care visits were canceled by doctors’ offices. Additionally, patients were turned away during one the most critical times that trusted healthcare was needed. 

Consequently, a trust is being re-established in the healthcare community. The direct primary care model proves to be the most effective and innovative way to meet the needs of patients today. A direct primary care model fosters a strong patient-provider relationship that is ushering in a new era of healthcare that patients can count on.

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See why our patients love Direct Primary Care access

Leading you to better health
Jon Cook

“After a lung cancer battle, I needed a doctor that listened. Dr. Ker gives me the confidence I need to know my health is in good hands.”​

Leading you to better health
Raechyl Dunnuck

“Dr. Ker saved my dad’s life.”

Leading you to better health
Dawn Anderson

“Dr. Ker came to my home for my appointment. He made me feel like family!”

Join RISE Direct Primary Care and have access to your doctor when you need care the most.

RISE Memberships Include:

Unlimited Office Visits

3 Home Visits Per Year

Direct Access to Your Doctor

Discounts on Medications

Virtual Appointments when Requested

Individualized Healthcare Plan


Per Month
  • $125/mo billed monthly or $118.75/mo billed annually
  • Membership pricing for adults 18 and up

Unlimited office visits!


Per Month*

*Must sign up with a parent or legal guardian

  • $65/mo billed monthly or $61.75/mo billed annually
  • Membership pricing for children 0-19 years

Affordable healthcare for the whole family!


Starting at
Per Month*

*12-month contract

  • $100/mo per employee billed monthly or $1,200 per employee billed annually

Affordable healthcare for all of your employees!​

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Leading you to better health