About Us

The world of healthcare is ever changing and evolving. The Direct Primary Care movement is picking up at rapid speed and may just be the most affordable way to receive quality healthcare. According to dpcare.org, there are over 1600 Direct Primary Care practices nationwide to date. In 2014 there were less than 100 dpc practices across the United States.

The covid pandemic turned healthcare on its head. Most primary care visits were canceled by doctors’ offices, and patients were turned away during one the most critical times that trusted healthcare was needed. 

As trust is being re-established in the healthcare community, the direct primary care model proves to be the most effective and innovative way to meet the needs of patients. The DPC model is a strong patient-provider relationship that is ushering in a new era of healthcare that patients can count on.

We understand how frustrating it is to feel rushed and limited as a patient who feels limited in their healthcare options. We know you are paying thousands of dollars and almost never get to see your doctor. As a doctor, I am just as frustrated as you are by the same obstacles you are facing with the healthcare system.

For nearly 20 years I served my patients through a broken healthcare system that limited my time and resources with my patients. After realizing healthcare does not have to be this way, I made the decision to put you first.

I left a familiar version of healthcare and opened RISE Direct Primary Care. 

I knew this was the best way to support my patients and value your rights and healthcare choices that would ultimately lead you to better health. – Dr. Nathan Ker, DO

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“A doctor who will come to my home to follow up on wound care was the kind of doctor I was looking for when I found Dr. Ker” – John

“Dr. Ker LISTENED. He is knowledgeable and explores options. Dr. Ker EXPLAINED everything to my mom (and us). He INCLUDED her in decisions about treatments and he shared conversations with her about his FAITH (which meant a lot to her). He even COMPASSIONATELY HELD MY MOMS HAND as he explained my moms discharge instructions. And, he HUGGED her as she left. Your personalized care and compassion will never EVER be forgotten.” – Kathy

“We trust Dr. Ker. He already saved my husband’s life” – G. G.