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What is Direct Primary Care? 

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based primary healthcare model that cuts out the insurance, saving you time and money on your healthcare. With affordable monthly membership fees, individuals, families and employers benefit from transparent, and unlimited access to their primary care doctor.

The Future of Healthcare

Seeing your primary care physician is becoming increasingly challenging. Wait times for appointments can be days or weeks. Patients are resorting to outside sources like urgent cares and emergency rooms for basic healthcare services. But keep in mind, emergency services are expensive.

Membership-based healthcare services allow patients to save time and money. Patients are experiencing better health through unrestricted healthcare services like direct primary care and concierge medicine.

According to DPC Nation, nearly 250,000 Americans receive their primary healthcare through a direct primary care service.

COVID19 Disrupted the Healthcare Systems

The COVID19 pandemic turned healthcare on its head. Doctors refused to see patients with covid symptoms. Medical offices were turning away patients that needed to see a doctor.

With a lack of access to a doctor, patients lost trust in the medical system. When patients needed their doctor the most, they were denied access. As a result, families began looking for healthcare options they could rely on.

As trust is being re-established in the healthcare community, the direct primary care model proves to be an effective and innovative way to meet the needs of patients. The DPC model fosters a strong patient-provider relationship that is ushering in a new era of healthcare that patients can count on.

Over 1600 DPC providers are serving patients nationwide, up from 100 in 2014. – dpcare.org

How is Direct Primary Care Different from Traditional Primary Care?

The traditional healthcare system has been burdened with insurance requirements. The broken system is designed to benefit the insurance companies, not the doctor or their patients. Therefore, patients are exiting the broken healthcare system to get the care they deserve.

Insurance rates are expensive, and patients have become a slave to a system that is promoted as the answer to better health. Furthermore, traditional healthcare operates under a broken system that restricts patient access to the healthcare that patients deserve and need now more than ever.

There is a solution to the broken healthcare system. Patients get the opportunity to build a relationship with the doctor with direct primary care membership plans.

Leading You to Better Health

At RISE Direct Primary Care we believe that all patients deserve access to affordable and personalized healthcare that allows them to feel understood, acknowledged, and appreciated.

The patient experience at RISE Direct Primary Care allows patients to receive freedom in their healthcare choices. They even get more time with their doctor and even same day to next day appointments. 

Primary Care Made Simple

Compared to the traditional healthcare model, affordable membership plans mean no hidden fees, no per-call fee, and no confusion. 

Dr. Nathan Ker is a Board-Certified Family Physician with nearly 20 years of experience. Meet Dr. Ker and his family here

Imagine the convenience of same-day to next-day appointments? And when you are unable to make it to the office, Dr. Ker can make a home visit.

At times you do not need an appointment but need to talk to your doctor. Generally speaking, the secure messaging app gives you peace of mind knowing you have direct access to your doctor.

Do You Accept Medical Insurance?
The direct primary care model offers straightforward pricing with no billing surprises. 

Although we do not take insurance for services provided through your DPC membership, on the contrary, we believe this is one of the greatest features of the direct primary care model. Simply, we cut out the insurance, creating a cost savings opportunity for you, the patient.

Do I Still Need Medical Insurance?

To sum this up, yes, you should still carry insurance. In particular, direct primary care services will provide better access to your doctor resulting in a lesser need for specialty services. In the same way, we also believe it is important to have coverage for catastrophic events. Insurance may be necessary for complex conditions, procedures, imaging, and hospitalizations as well. Usually, costs incurred through specialty services are expensive.

Many patients choose a low-cost, high-deductible insurance plan to cover extensive services because some healthcare services are not included in a DPC membership. Additionally, hospitalizations and specialist visits cannot be covered.

RISE Direct Primary Care collaborates with various specialists in our community. For this reason, many specialists are willing to provide cash pricing for visits and procedures that are often less than insurance rates. In this case, we will spend the time to carefully coordinate your care with a specialist team as needed.

How Do I Save Money with a Direct Primary Care Membership?

One of the greatest benefits of a DPC provider is direct access. It is a small price to pay for direct access to a doctor that knows your medical history and can lead you to better health. Having a direct primary care doctor is like adding a doctor to your family. 

Did you know your primary care doctor can manage most of your health care? Although, the traditional healthcare system has made it difficult to get an appointment when you need one. It can take days or weeks to get in to see your primary care doctor. Because of the long wait times, patients quickly resort to urgent cares and hospitals for basic healthcare needs, resulting in unnecessary medical expenses.

After switching to lower-cost insurance plans and adding direct primary care services, families are saving hundreds of dollars every month.

“When I needed an MRI, I saved over $300 by paying cash and NOT using my insurance” – John

How do I know that a Direct Primary Care Membership is Right for My Family?

  • Do you like saving money? Especially on your healthcare?
  • Do you like seeing the same provider for your healthcare needs every visit?
  • Do you need a doctor that is dedicated to your personal health?
  • Would you rather spend less time in the waiting room, and more time with your doctor?
  • What if you had direct access to your doctor through call, text or telehealth?
  • Do you like knowing you can see your doctor within 24 hours of calling with a healthcare need?
  • Do you have a chronic disease or illness that needs constant management?

In particular, these are the reasons people are switching to Direct Primary Care. As a matter of fact, it is the future of healthcare.

Contact Us for More Information About Direct Primary Care

Do you have additional questions about DPC Services? Visit our FAQ’s page, email us at info@risedpcare.com, or call our office at 307-312-2726.

Services not included in DPC memberships are hospitalizations, surgery, and specialist visits. Many patients choose a relatively low-cost, high-deductible insurance plan to cover those services. Furthermore, the following information does provide basic health care information. This article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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